Hamburg Chrome Table Lamp // LED Strip & Dimmable Switch

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The Hamburg LED table lamp is a multi-functional lamp that provides a simple and elegant visual impression and can be used for different types of lighting needs. Use it as a special assortment for a living room, on your office desk, in a hallway, on a nightstand bedside your bed. 

The Hamburg LED Table Lamp is well made to ensure quality lightning for many years. Made of high-quality aluminum silica, durable polished finish, well made resulting in anti-corrosion, anti-faded, and scratch resistant.

This Finesse Decor table lamp has a color temperature of 4000K LED Strip and a capacity of 18W 1080 LUMENS. It is also electric efficient, it is an energy saver on your electric bill.  The light is unique in the sense that it falls in between "warm white" and "daylight white" which won't fatigue your eyes. It's a popular choice for it's neutrality and often referred to as "natural white" or "cool white," perfect enough for daily use. The LED Strip is also built to last over 30,000 hours and in most cases that is over 7 years. 


  • LED Strip
  • 18 Watts
  • 4000K
  • 1080 Lumens
  • 30,000 Hours of life
  • Material: Aluminum and Silicone 
  • Color: Chrome

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